Coming Back Online – Houston, Do You Copy?

This is a test of Markdown syntax.
This is only a test…

This, on the other hand, is an end to a few years of radio silence at this URL.  More later, after I’ve had a chance to put through some quick tests.  :)

Update 1:

I thought at first that maybe Blogwith didn’t support Markdown on self-hosted WordPress blogs.  Here’s why.

While looking through the Markdown section of the Blogwith FAQ, I tried to follow the step to enable Markdown support.  The screen shot in the FAQ showed a “Use Markdown for posts and pages” checkbox on the Settings >> Writing page.  I see that checkbox on my blogs hosted at, but my self-hosted blog’s Writing Settings (on WordPress 4.2.3) looks like this:

The Blogwith FAQ didn’t say anything about what to do if your Writing Settings didn’t have a Markdown checkbox.  So I did a quick search for “blogwith markdown”, and that led me to this post by Ben Judy, wherein he describes his failed attempt to get Blogwith working with the Inline Markdown plugin.  Ben’s post is over a year old, though, and I already had Jetpack installed, so I tried installing/activating/enabling Jetpack’s Markdown module, to see if that worked any better than Inline Markdown.  But while I had a tag named “bw_markdown” on the post, and the sync from Evernote to WordPress worked right off the bat, I had the same experience as Ben Judy – I had to "log in to my Wordpress admin, edit the post, and click Save” before the Markdown would render.

So I did what any person would do.  I tweeted, at Bryan Lee (Blogwith’s author), asking him to consider adding support for the Jetpack Markdown module.  He replied right away, and a little confused, because it seems that this is already a feature.  He’s got at least one Markdown test post on his own (self-hosted) blog.  So now I’m going to sync this update to WordPress, and then ask Bryan to please have a look at this post, and let me know what he thinks.  Stay tuned for Update #2.  Will Dan go Premium?  :-)

Update 2:

Well.  After synchronizing Update 1 (supra), and looking at my blog, I noticed that all of the new Markdown links  rendered properly, with no need to edit/save the post first!  The only difference between the new links and the test link is that the test link a title.  So I just tried changing the test link from this:
     [Markdown]( "Markdown: Syntax")
to this:
And now it renders!

But according to <>, I should be able to have the title in there.  So now I’m thinking that maybe Evernote’s auto-conversion of quotation marks (from "Title" to “Title”) might break the Markdown parser.  Or maybe it’s something else.

Update 3:

Interesting.  Maybe Blogwith just doesn’t support titles in Markdown links…?  Looking at Update 2 (supra), there are at least two other things not working: code blocks (via 4+ spaces or a tab – I just tried both) and automatic links.  I think it’s well past time to go bathe Izzy, so I’ll go away for a bit, and give Mr. Lee a chance to get caught up.

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Itzchak Nelson Rochman

Emylene and I are beyond thrilled to welcome little Itzchak Nelson Rochman into the world – but you can call him Izzy.  We do.  :)

Born December 20th, 2011, at 10:37 AM PST.  3.4 kg (7.5 lbs) and 48 cm (19″).  Mother and baby are both doing great, although all three of us are pretty sleepy right now.  :)


More photos (MANY, MANY more photos, I promise), videos, and fun factoids to follow soon enough.  For now, we’re enjoying our first hours together…

Em’s latest oeuvre


Em made a stepping stone this weekend at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland! I can’t wait to step on it! Apparently, it has to be sealed first… :)